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    Client: Workshop68 What we did: Web design, product design, print product catalog

    It has been a blast working with Workshop68. They gave us lots of freedom on the design front - anything that goes in line with their existing logo.

    Workshop68 hand-crafted all their iPhone cases. They had their designs in sketches and needed our help to create the printable artwork for the manufacturer. There are a few designs in particular that required our customized recreation - Hongzilla C, Hongzilla B&W, BM&Y! and Dead or Alive.

    Other than the logo, the only things we were provided were the product shots. The background color and shadows varied slightly due to natural lighting. We edited each of them to give them a uniform white background and shadowing. This created a clean and sleek look and make it easy on the eyes for the audience.

    With the product shots provided, we created every piece of visual element on the web site. These include the collection banners and featured images.

    The web site was built on Shopify. We recommend Shopify to our client because of its user-friendly backend interface which is excellent for users who aren't the most experienced with web management. It also offers great support and resources to help store owners grow their businesses.

    We also designed the print product catalog for our client to distribute at trade fairs. The clean and sleek design is in line with the web site and therefore further strengthens their branding.