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    Book Publishing Service

    All Book Publishing Service

    Card upgrade options

    All Card upgrade options
    Canvas print
    Canvas print From HK$500.00
    Extra photos
    Extra photos HK$50.00
    Lamination HK$40.00

    Contact cards

    All Contact cards
    Cardboard Initial
    Cardboard Initial From HK$350.00
    Classy Stripes Blue
    Classy Stripes Blue From HK$350.00
    Classy Stripes Green
    Classy Stripes Green From HK$350.00
    Classy Stripes Peach
    Classy Stripes Peach From HK$350.00

    Embroidered name patches

    All Embroidered name patches

    Flock name transfers

    All Flock name transfers

    Framed Hong Kong Themed Illustrations

    All Framed Hong Kong Themed Illustrations
    Hong Kong Skyline
    Hong Kong Skyline From HK$588.00
    Star Ferry
    Star Ferry From HK$588.00
    Star Ferry (negative)
    Star Ferry (negative) From HK$588.00

    Holiday Cards

    All Holiday Cards

    Playing cards

    All Playing cards
    Playing cards
    Playing cards HK$150.00