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    It’s time to get ready for the new school year!  

    I’m a mother of two, and so I know how important it is to label EVERYTHING for your kids! You don’t want things going missing. Trust me, I learnt it the hard way!

    Here’s a check list to give you an idea as to what you might need:


    1. Labels for clothing

    If your kids have swimming lessons in school, this is very important! When you’ve got 25 kids leaving their uniforms lying around in the changing room, it’s no big surprise if they come home in their friend’s uniform. It’s also important to label their cardigans, jackets, blazers, hats – and anything they may take off and leave behind.

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    1. Labels for water bottles and lunch boxes

    Do your kids have the spraying bottles that are so popular? If they do, so do their friends! Imagine 20 identical bottles lying around on the floor at PE lessons? If they bring snacks and lunch to school, it’s also important to label their food containers to help them remember to bring them home.

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    1. Labels for stationery and books

    Needless to say these are must-haves! Apart from textbooks and homework books, from my experience, it’s also very useful to label their own story books, especially if they like to share books with their friends. My daughter likes the chapter books that come in a set. For a collection of 10 books, she will get 5 and her BFF will get the other 5 – and they exchange after they finish reading theirs. By labeling them you can help your children remember which ones belong to them.

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    1. Bag tags

    Not only do their school bags need to be identified, you also need to make sure they keep their swim bags, art bags and after-school-activity bags!

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    I hope this article helps you plan what you need to help your children keep their belongings. Have a great new school year!

    Jessie Yip
    Blank Sheet founder