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    It is SUPER EASY! Simply follow these few steps.


    1. Cut out names with scissors. Please allow 2-3mm space around the name as this will enable easier removal of backing paper later on.

    2. Adjust your iron to between a MEDIUM and HOT setting (around 150 degrees). If your iron has a steamer, please make sure it is off.

    3. Place the name with the flock side down on the clothing/sock.

    4. Place iron on name transfer for 20 seconds without moving the iron. Make sure the name transfer is well pressed on.

    5. Remove iron and let clothing/sock cool down completely - BE PATIENT. Once cooled, remove the backing paper.


    Important points to note:

    • Avoid applying flock name transfers on material with an uneven texture (e.g. towel, waffle cotton etc.) as it may not fully adhere.
    • Apply flock name transfers only on iron-safe fabric.
    • Avoid dry-cleaning, bleaching and high-heat drying.
    • Avoid intense rubbing during handwash.
    • Once the name transfer is applied, it cannot be removed.