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    It is SUPER EASY! Simply follow these few steps.

    1. Detach the fabric label sheet from the greaseproof paper.

    2. Cut labels out along the line. 

    3. Plug in your iron and set it to cotton mode, around 150 degrees. Allow the iron to heat up.

    4. Iron the area that you will put the label for about 8 seconds. Place the label over.

    5. Put the greaseproof paper over the label, with the glossy side facing down.

    6. If your iron has a steamer, please make sure it is off. Place iron on the label area for about 15 seconds. Then remove iron.

    7. Wait for 1 minute until label it is cool off, remove greaseproof paper. Pull lightly at the edges of the label to see if it peels up. If it does, repeat step 6.